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Elife is a reliable global company providing connectivity and delivery of optical infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are dedicated to looking for the best solution to fit your requirement, budget, and schedule.





Top Rated in 2023

AI-9 Fiber fusion splicer

  • 6 motors, core alignment
  • 5S splicing, 15 s heating
  • Fiber port 3-in-1
  • 10 Languages
  • Splice loss: 0.025 dB (SM), 0.01 dB (MM) 0.04 dB (DS / NZDS)
  • Splicing method: fully automatic, step by step

3200D mini OTDR

  • Wavelength:1550nm±20nm
  • Function:OTDR/EVENT MAP/OPM/LS/VFL/RJ45 Sequence/RJ45 Cable Tracker
  • Test Range:500M-60KM
  • Connector: FC/UPC (Interchangeable SC、ST)
  • RJ45 range:300M

Fiber Optic cable

  • Outdoor:GY/GYW/GYC/GYL/GYP
  • Indoor:GJ/GJC/GJX
  • In/out door:GJY/GJYX
  • Jacket:PE/PVC/LSZH
  • Fiber:OM1、OM2、OM3、OS2
  • Core:,144,288…
  • Application: Aerial/Duct/Armored buried/Submarine

Cat6 Cat5e cable

  • Conductors: 23 AWG/ 24 AWG
  • Maximum Speed:1,000 Mbps
  • Maximum Bandwidth:250 MHz/100MHz
  • Max Length:100 Meters max length, Supports Gigabit networks up to 55 meters/100 Meters


Fiber optic Patch Panel

1U,2U.3U 19 inch Rack Mounted ODF , drawer type,12/24/48/72/96 port. Which can load SC/LC/ST Simplex/Duplex adapters.


SFP RJ45 10Gb Transceiver Module



Fiber optic tool Kits

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Wide Product Range: One-stop shop for fiber and copper solution, Customers appreciate having access to a broad selection of products from various categories. A diverse range of products allows them to find everything they need in one place.

Reliable Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is a major differentiator. Responding promptly to customer inquiries, addressing concerns, and handling returns efficiently builds trust and establishes a positive reputation.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: Quick order processing and reliable shipping services contribute to customer satisfaction. Offering various shipping options, including expedited delivery, gives customers flexibility and convenience.

Secure Payment Options: Providing secure and diverse payment methods gives customers peace of mind when making online transactions.T/T, Paypal, Western union,Master card, Ali Pay.


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