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1/2/4 core Fiber Face Plate

The optical fiber information panel, The main function of the panel is to fix the module, protect the cable at the information outlet, and play a role similar to a screen.



Connector type: FC/SC/LC/ST
Cable length: 50 meter
Fiber type: Multi-Mode
Cable color:Gray
Insertion Loss:<0.3dB
Cable diameter:3mm
Minimum bend radius:3.8cm
Plug: ceramic ferrule
Material:PVC,Stainless Steel
Insertion and removal times: >1000 times
Working temperature: -40°C~85°C
Tensile strength: ≥2450N
Vibration : <0.1db
Jacket: OFNR (Riser-Rated)




Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
Good repeatability
Good exchangeability
Good Durability
Interpolation performance is good
High temperature stability
Immune to Electrical Interference
100% Optically Inspected and Tested for Insertion Loss



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