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Fiber Optic Assembly Cables Termination Tool Kits 28 in 1

FTTH Termination Tool Kit TC-202 Optical Fiber Tools Kit


Product Description

1. Miniature handheld optical power meter
Wavelength(nm): 800nm to 1700nm
Measurement range : -70~+10 dBm
Type of probe: InGaAs
Range of wave length : 800~1700nm
Uncertainty : +-5%
Standard wave length(nm) : 850 /980 /1300 /1310 /1490 /1550 /1625
Resolution : Linear indication:0.1% Logarithmic indication:0.01dBm
Working temperature(°C) : -10~+60
Storage temperature : -25~70
Auto power-off time(min) : 10
continuous working hours : At least 40 hours
Power supoly : Rechargeable lithium battery
package include: 2. 10mW Pen-type Visual Fault Finder :
Wavelength: 650nm ± 20nm
Connector: 2.5mm Universal connector

Packaging Size: 210*73*30mm

Packing List

No.Part No.QTY
1Hard Case1 pc
2Lineman’s plier1 pc
3Cutting plier1 pc
4Long nose plier1 pc
5Fiber optic stripper1 pc
6Kevlar electricians’ scissor1 pc
7Knife1 pc
8Cross screwdriver1 pc
9Drop cable stripper1 pc
10Optical power meter1 pc
11Visual fault locator1 pc
12Fiber cleaver1 pc
13Measuring tape1 pc
14Delicate task wipers1 pack
15Alcohol bottle1pc
16Cotton swab1 pack
17Storage box1 set
18Fiber guide rail for fast connector1 pc



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