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NK6000 SM Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR OPM VFL LS

NK6000 is a SM Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR with multi-function OPM VFL LS 35/33dB 1310/1550nm



5.8-inch color TFT LCD display,touch/key dual operation
Built-in stable light source function 1310/1550nm
Built-in optical power meter test function
Built-in Visual red light fault location (VFL)
Built-in optical loss test
Built-in Optical Eye (Optical Link Intelligent Analysis MAP View)
Less than 0.8m short-term event dead zone, test fiber jumper easily
Has a unique test result self-diagnosis function
Independent and convenient one-button automatic operation mode, real-time test function keys
Multi-wavelength synchronization test function
With multiple waveform viewing capabilities
Link-band non-destructive testing (online test module)
With Ethernet remote control function
Communication light automatic monitoring function
With test file wireless transmission function
Battery low voltage alarm function
WinCE Windows operating system, English operating interface


Model: NK6000
Standard wavelength: 1310/1550nm
Dynamic Range: 35/33dB
Event dead zone: 0.8m
Attenuation blind area: 6m
Measuring rang: 0.4、0.8、1.6、3.2、6.4、16、32、64、128、256、512km
Measuring pulse width: 5、10、30、100、275、500、1000、5000、10000、20000ns
Ranging accuracy: ±(1m+Sampling interval+0.005%×test distance)
Loss precision: 0.01db
Reflection accuracy: ±3dB
Date storage: ≥2000
External interface:USB,MIN-USB,RJ-45
Optical output interface:FC/SC/ST(replace)
VFL: 650nm±10nm,≥5mW(typical)
Optical power meter: Wavelength range:1200nm~1650nm, Power range:-45~+16dBm
Stabilizing light source function: 1310/1550nm:≥-5dBm CW(270Hz,1k270Hz,2k270Hz)
Display screen: 5.8 inch color TFT LCD touch screen
Battery: 7.4v/5000mAh Lithium battery pack Supports up to 12 hours of continuous work time
Power supply: Output:19v,1.31A
Size: 215mm*150mm*70mm
Weight (with battery): <1.5kg



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