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Komshine KFI-35 Optical Fiber Identifier


Easy-to-use with “ONE KEY”operation.
Efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tonel (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz) with audible warning.
Displays the relative core power.
More accurate test with Sunshade.
Easy-to-replace adaptors.
Durable metal housing and quality construction.
Lower power indication.


Identified Wavelength Range800-1700 nm
Identified Signal TypeCW, 270Hz±5%,1kHz±5%,2kHz±5%
Detector TypeØ1mm InGaAs 2pcs
Adapter TypeØ0.25 (Applicable for Bare Fiber),Ø0.9 (Applicable for Ø0.9 Cable )
Ø2.0 (Applicable for Ø2.0 Cable ), Ø3.0 (Applicable for Ø3.0 Cable )
Signal DirectionLeft & Right LED
Singe Direction Test Range-46~10(1310nm)
(dBm, CW/0.9mm bare fiber)-50~10(1550nm)
Signal Power Test Range-50~+10
(dBm, CW/0.9mm bare fiber)
Signal Frequency Display (Hz)270, 1k, 2k
Frequency Test RangeØ0.9, Ø2.0, Ø3.0-30~0 (270Hz,1KHz)
(dBm, Average Value)-25~0 (2KHz)
Ø0.25-25~0 (1KHz,2KHz)
-20~0 (2KHz)
Insertion Loss(dB, Typical Value)0.8 (1310nm)
2.5 (1550nm)
Alkaline Battery(V)9
Operating Temperature(°C)-70
Storage Temperature(°C)-95
Dimension (mm)196X30.5X27
Weight (g)200




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