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32 Port EDFA,23dBm

EDFA Optical amplifier can amplify signals directly, this process is significantly cheaper and started a fiber optic revolution.



◆High Power:Up to 2W total,1 Unit for 2000~4000 optical node

◆Low Noise Figure:Below 5.5dB ( +5dBm input)

◆Er Yb co-doped DCF Amplify Technology:Patent Pump Dump Technology

◆Low CSO: <-70dBc

◆23dBm×N,20dBm×N or 17dBm×N output is optional

◆Controllability and maneuverability: Dual CPU to deal Control loop and Communication separately

◆High Stability And Reliability:MTTF>150000 Hours

◆Redundancy Hot Swap power module: 110/220VAC and 48VDC can plug Mix

◆Perfect Network Interface:Ethernet

◆Support SNMP network management

◆ Intelligent Temperature Control System: using a dedicated Temperature control chip which make cooling and power loss reduce 30% than competitors

◆Output Power can be Adjustable by network and manual

◆Integrated 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm WDM (Optional)

OEM, Module is available


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